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Order Status Explained

Orders can have different status, which can require action!

Written by Austin Kreinz
Updated over a week ago

Table of Contents:

  1. Types of Statuses

  2. Placing an order "On Hold"

  3. Needs Review Action Items

In the atomix app, you will see orders organized in the following Statuses:

Types of Statuses:

  1. Received

  2. On Hold

  3. Processing

  4. Needs Review

  5. Shipped

  6. Cancelled

Steps an Order goes through in the Atomix App:

  • Received: When an order is placed on your store, the Atomix app receives it within 15 minutes.

    • The order will immediately enter either the (1) Received or (2) Needs Review Status (see below for Needs Review overview).

  • On Hold: After an order is received, it can be prevented from processing by being placed on hold.

    • If you wish to edit an order, you should place it "On Hold" and then contact your account manager to make the appropriate edits.

  • Processing: After, an Order enters the Processing Status.

    • Since the Picking & Packing has begun, the Order cannot be edited.

    • Editing must take place in the "On Hold" status.

  • Shipped: After an order is processed, it enters the shipped status.

    • When it leaves the Atomix facility, an order is in the Shipped Status.

    • From there, the carriers tracking is used to track the order!

  • Canceled: Orders must be canceled in the Atomix App to stop fulfillment.

    • We cannot receive updates from Shopify (e.g. any Shopping Platform) if an order is canceled in Shopify.

    • After an order enters Processing, it cannot be canceled since the Fulfillment Process has begun.

On Hold:

You may move an order to "On Hold" if it is in the "Received" or "Needs Review" status. Orders in the Processing status have already been picked, and cannot be edited.

Let's look at how we can place an order "On Hold"

In the Orders section, click the checkbox beside the order(s) you want to place on hold.

In the screenshot below, click "Place On Hold"

Next, select the date the hold should be released, and confirm your choice.

After your order has been placed on hold, you'll be able to see the confirmation and the dates it will be held.

To release the hold and the order for processing and shipment, you can select remove hold and confirm your choice.

Needs Review:

Let's review the most common action items when an order "Needs Review"

  1. Address Verification

  2. SKU Mapping

  3. Shipping Method Mapping

  4. Out of Stock

All Orders in "Needs Review" can be filtered by error codes. This will allow you to easily identify the reason the order requires your attention. The screenshot below shows how you can click on the funnel icon to filter "Needs Review" orders.

Once you've selected a filter using the drop down menu, you can see a list of all orders on hold due to that specific issue. In the example below, you can see the two orders are in "Needs Review" because a SKU in their order is OOS.

Click on the order to see the details. In this case, the banner at the top of the order specifies the OOS SKU.

Address Verification

Please see our in-depth FAQ of address verification here.

  • Order Shipping Addresses receive an initial check through an algorithm to capture minor fixes.

  • However, sometimes Addresses bypass the initial check and will need to be edited.

  • Now, to Edit an Address:

    • Click the Order that Needs Review

    • Click Edit Order

    • Select the information that our system has flagged as incorrect

    • Change to the Correct Address

    • Click the Save Button

    • You're done!

SKU Mapping

  • SKU Mapping refers to "SKUs not in the Atomix App."

  • An algorithm checks for all SKUs in the system. If a SKU is not, it will auto-populate this "Needs Review" Status.

    • Note: Inventory is Uploaded before the first shipment but sometimes new SKUs are added or new Shopping Platforms have different SKUs that relate to the in-stock SKUs.

  • To Map a SKU Follow the Steps Here.

Map Shipping Method

  • Map Shipping Method refers to "Shipping Options From Store Not Recognized."

  • When a client starts with atomix, shipping methods are mapped.

  • To Map Shipping Methods at the start, follow these steps.

  • If a client happened to change the shipping methods in your store's cart or shopify store, an error will populate for "Shipping Method" error in the "Needs Review" section.

  • To Upload the New Shipping Methods, please fill out the form here or reach out your customer experience manager.

Inventory Out of Stock

  • Inventory Out of Stock happens when a SKU is recognized in our system but the "Quantity is 0".

  • We are unable to process the order until a new shipment arrives.

  • If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your customer experience manager.

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