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Shipping Method Mapping
Shipping Method Mapping
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Mapping your shipping methods means telling the Atomix team what carrier and service level you would like to use for your fulfillment.

In your online store, chances are there are different shipping options. These might be called "standard" or "free" or "express". They could also be called "UPS" or "FedEx" or "DHL". The labels attached to these options are called "Requested Shipping Services" and are a very important part of your account setup at Atomix.

When you map your shipping, you're telling the Atomix team what options you want selected when an order comes in with a specific requested shipping service. Use this form to provide this information to your team at Atomix.

Please note, if you decide to change or remove a requested shipping service without providing prior notice to Atomix, your order will not be mapped to a carrier and service level, and may not be able to ship until this information is provided.

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