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Shipping Method Mapping
Shipping Method Mapping
Written by Austin Kreinz
Updated over a week ago

Note: At Any Point, if a Client Changes the Shipping Name on their Store Settings (e.g. what's displayed at checkout), Atomix will not be able to fulfill the order until the "Proper Shipment Mapping" is setup.

2 Methods to Map Shipping Methods:

  1. Pro-active: Fill out the form here with the Shipping Methods exactly how they appear in your store.

  2. Reactive: When a new shipping name or method enter our system, the order will not be able to be Submitted for Fulfillment until it's mapped. Here's a step-step-by process for mapping shipping methods.

We always recommend the Proactive Shipping Method Setup but understand this may change throughout our partnership! Reach out to your Customer Experience manager if you have any questions!

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