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Map SKUs & Create SKU Bundles
Map SKUs & Create SKU Bundles
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Before we learn how to create a bundle lets first understand what is a Bundle?

A Bundle is when you bring two SKU(s) or multiple SKU(s) together as a set and sell together on your online store e.g. a Shampoo and Conditioner set or a 3 pack T-shirt is also considered a bundle. The amount of bundles you can create is limitless!

In order to create a bundle you first need to identify which SKU(s) you want to be sold together as a set. Lets refer to the Shampoo & Conditioner example. Both Shampoo(SKU-1) and Conditioner(SKU-2) are individual SKU(s) and can be sold individually but in order to sell both in a Bundle you need to create and map these two SKU(s) together in our App.

To learn on how to do that log in to your Atomix App Account.

  1. Click "Inventory" under the Atomix Dashboard

  2. Click on "Action" > "Create SKU Mapping"

  3. Fill out what you would like to name your Bundle and create a new SKU for it. Then select which products you want to add in your Bundle from the product drop down. Please refer to the example shared below.

    Important Note:

    • Do not change a SKU in Shopify once you have entered it into the Atomix App.

    • Do not duplicate a SKU in your Shopify once you have entered it into the Atomix App.

  4. Confirm the information you entered and click "Submit"

  5. Your SKU has been Mapped Successfully! You can later view your Bundle in your Inventory.

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