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Invoices in the Atomix App
Invoices in the Atomix App

Viewing and downloading weekly invoices in the Atomix Platform

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Weekly invoices are easily accessible in the Atomix App. In the billing portal, you can see past, current, pending, and overdue invoices. You can also see an itemized breakdown of each invoice. Invoice data is easy to export from our platform.

Carefully review the article to understand how to get the most value out of our billing tools.


1. Accessing Billing in the Atomix Platform

In your client profile, you can navigate to the "Billing" page from the left sidebar.

Invoices will be available and posted in the Atomix app for the billing period of orders shipped in the previous week.

2. Viewing Invoices

The invoice status (pending, overdue, or paid), and the due date, are listed clearly at the top of the page.

3. Invoice Breakdown

When you click on the details of the invoice, you will see an itemized breakdown of every order, including tracking, pick and pack fees, surcharges, and shipping. You can click on any order to see more information and the status.

4. Downloading Invoices

Invoices can be downloaded in a csv format using the export feature.

5. Additional Billing Resources

If you have additional questions about billing, please see our Billing Overview and reach out to [email protected]

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