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Billing Overview

Our Billing FAQ emphasizes transparency, ensuring clients understand our practices and trust our services.

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At Atomix, we believe in transparency as the cornerstone of our client relationships. We understand that trust is earned through clear communication and consistent practices. In this FAQ, we address common billing inquiries, ensuring that our clients have a comprehensive understanding of our processes. Whether you’re a new partner or a long-standing customer, our commitment to openness remains unwavering. The below buttons will help guide through each component of Atomix's billing experience.

Shipping Service Overview

Understanding how our shipping works is crucial for our success together.

Let’s break it down:

Service Levels: Economy vs. Ground

Clients choose between our two service levels outlined below:

Economy ($): Delivery within 7-10 days. It’s the economical choice

  • No Residential Fees: Economy shipping doesn’t include additional charges for residential deliveries.

  • Fuel Surcharge: However, fuel surcharge fees may apply. These account for fluctuations in fuel prices affecting shipping costs (which vary by carrier but are normalized for calculating projected shipping costs.)

  • No Shipping Guarantees: While economical, economy shipping doesn’t come with delivery guarantees. It’s like taking the scenic route—reliable but without strict timelines.

Ground ($$): Faster, arriving within 5 days. Our recommended service

  • Residential and Fuel Surcharges: Ground shipping includes both residential and fuel surcharges. These ensure smooth delivery to homes and account for fuel cost variations (which vary by carrier but are normalized for calculating projected shipping costs.)

  • Shipping Guarantee: With Ground shipping, we provide a delivery guarantee. It’s like catching a direct flight—efficient and reliable.

Expedited Services ($$$) (3-Day, 2-Day, Next Day)

These options are available for clients who need lightning-fast shipping. We offer expedited services through rate shopping. We choose the best carrier option for your urgent shipments to meet the requested transit days. Expedited services include both residential and fuel surcharges.

International Services

International shipping is handled on a case-by-case basis, tailored to each client’s unique agreements and requirements.

Custom Rate Charts

If you prefer not to use our rate shopping, reach out to your dedicated Account Manager. They can create a custom rate chart using our custom rate carriers (such as USPS or UPS). Tailored solutions for your unique needs!

Payment Methods

We value efficiency, seamless transactions and your time. To ensure we meet these standards for us, our clients and a smooth invoicing process, clients are required to have valid payment details securely stored at all times (via Stripe, Quickbooks).

Payment Details

Having clients’ card or bank account information securely stored is mandatory for partnering with Atomix. It ensures timely and efficient transactions.

Payment Options

Clients can choose from various methods with applicable processing fees, including:

  • credit/debit cards (3.5%)

  • ACH (1.5%)

  • International payments must be setup by client using a 3rd party wire transfer (1.5%)

Payment Processed
Payment is automatically processed on invoice creation day. No delays, no waiting—it’s like having a personal payment concierge.

Review Window

Clients have 30 days to review invoices for accuracy. If any discrepancies are found, we encourage timely communication to resolve them and will provide resolution timeline and status.

Payment Failures

If stored payment fails to process, there will be an additional 15% added to the total balance. Your account will be put on hold until all payments have been paid in full and a new payment method is updated with billing.

Late Payment Fee
If an invoice remains unpaid after the due date, a 2.5% daily charge will be applied to the total invoice amount on the first day following the due date. We encourage prompt payment to avoid any additional costs.

Remember, maintaining accurate payment details ensures a smoother invoicing experience for both clients and businesses.

If any invoice is more than 5 business days past due, your account will be put on hold with a 10% or $1,000 (whichever is greater) fee to release your account.

A processing fee will be added of 3.5% for credit card payments

​Billing Schedule

Atomix billing schedule ensures consistency and predictability in our invoicing process. It allows clients to anticipate charges and plan accordingly.


Billing takes place weekly on Mondays and also on the 1st of each month.

Weekly Fees

  • Shipping Fees: These cover the cost of shipping charged by carriers.

  • Pick/Pack Fees: Associated with order fulfillment and packaging.

Monthly Fees

  • Receiving Fees: Relate to handling incoming inventory.

  • Special Projects Fees: For any customized or unique tasks.

  • Storage Fees: Based on the storage space utilized.

  • Platform Fees: Associated with using our services.

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