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B2B Orders

How to create a B2B order in the Atomix app

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Atomix has a dedicated team specifically for handling B2B orders. Their sole focus is to ensure that orders sent directly to businesses or orders with special requirements are of the highest quality and arrive on time.

Table of Contents:

What counts as a B2B Order?

B2B orders are any type of order that is being sent directly to a business, orders with larger than normal product quantity or any orders you want packed with extra care and requirements.

How Do I Submit a B2B Order?

B2B orders can be created in the app manually following the steps below

  1. Click on the orders tab in the app and select B2B or DTC

  2. Click actions and create order

  3. Your Order number will generate automatically unless you want to enter your own order number manually. Make sure to select B2B. Select your requested shipping service and click Next. If you need any special packaging requirements or extra steps make sure to add them to the notes section.

  4. Next search & add the SKU & Quantity.

  5. Fill out your Order Details: Customer Name & Address Details

  6. Review your Order details and click on "Create Order". Your order has now been created!

Please note if you have entered any information incorrectly you can update it only if it's under the Received, On Hold or Needs Review Section. Once orders are under the Processing stage, order edits cannot be made.

How Long Does It Take for My B2B Order To Ship?

B2B orders can take up to 5 business days to ship. If the volume of the order requires more than 5 business days, the Customer Experience team will reach out and let you know.

My B2B order was placed in the DTC channel, what happens now?

Orders placed in the DTC portal are processed in the usual warehouse workflow and are processed in the daily orders. It is important to be sure to place your B2B orders in the B2B section so that special requirements can be followed for the order.

If you placed in the DTC portal by mistake, try to quickly cancel the order and recreate in the B2B portal instead. If you are unable to cancel, message the Atomix team in the Intercom portal and let them know the order number so they can pull from the daily workflow.

Please note if the order is in processing already, they might not be able to pull the order in time.

This is my first B2B order, do I need to do anything different?

Contact the Atomix team in the Intercom portal. The B2B lead will follow up with you about any extra requirements or packing instructions they will need to fulfill.

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