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Reporting Order Errors
Reporting Order Errors

How to report order errors to the Atomix team and ship out corrections.

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At Atomix, we take pride in keeping our fulfillment errors extremely low, with a goal to eliminate pick and pack errors completely.

Occasionally, there are issues with shipments, such as the wrong item being sent in an order, or an order missing an item. When these issues occur it's important that Atomix is aware of the problem so we can address it internally and make sure it does not happen again.

In this article, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about order errors. Following our guidelines is crucial to a successful and accurate order fulfillment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a pick/pack error?

Fulfillment errors (or pick/pack errors) are errors made by the Atomix team. These errors include

  • Orders missing an item

  • Orders that contain the wrong item

  • Orders that have too many items

  • Orders that are packaged incorrectly.

Fulfillment orders ARE NOT

  • Orders that are lost in the mail

  • Orders that are delayed in transit

  • Orders that do not receive a scan beyond "label created" when the parcel leaves the Atomix facility.

  • Orders that are damaged or broken in transit

One of my customers has reported a fulfillment error. What information do I need to provide to Atomix?

Atomix requires the following information to be reported via the chat function of our platform for fulfillment errors:

  1. Order Number

  2. Ship Date

  3. Photo of the order as the customer received it

  4. Description of the problem/error

What happens if I don't report an error

If an error is NOT reported to Atomix, we do not know a problem has occurred. If we do not know about a problem, we can not make changes in our process or implement solutions, and it is possible that more errors will continue to happen.

Do I have to pay for orders with fulfillment errors?

If an error is reported to Atomix, and our team determines that Atomix was at fault, we will create a replacement order to correct the problem. Our billing team will then determine if Atomix will cover the cost of shipping replacement orders, and any return labels that must be generated due to the incorrect item being sent.

Credit is not guaranteed for any order or replacement order.

If Atomix determines that we are at fault and have sent an order incorrectly, billing generally follows the process below (this can change on a case by case basis)

1. Atomix staff makes the replacement order

2. Atomix pays for the shipping of the replacement order

3. If Atomix sent the wrong product we will pay for the price of the return label, or the cost to manufacture the product, whatever is lesser. Please note we do not support international returns.

I want to make my own replacement orders. Is that okay?

Atomix discourages brands from make their own replacement orders to correct orders with fulfillment errors. There is no guarantee that self-created replacement orders will receive credit for shipping charges.

Only order replacements created by the Atomix team may have their shipping charges removed.

Credit is not guaranteed for any order or replacement order.

Is there a time limit for reporting fulfillment errors?

There is no timeline for reporting fulfillment errors, however if an order error is not reported within the 30 days of the order shipping, the brand's account is not eligible to receive any shipping or pick/pack credit for the error.

My account manager won't promise me a credit for a fulfillment error. Why not?

Each error is evaluated by our billing team, and our billing team determines if any credit will be issued. Account Managers are not involved in this process and they can not issue credit on your invoices. If you have a question or request related to an order error, your Account Manager will connect you with our billing team.

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