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Launching New SKUs with Atomix
Launching New SKUs with Atomix

How to successfully launch your next new product or package with Atomix

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You've spent months developing and testing your new product, and you're ready to launch and ship it out to the world! Follow the steps below for a successful launch of your new product with Atomix.

Checklist for launching a new SKU

  1. You've created the SKU in the Atomix Platform

  2. You've checked that the product details are correct

  3. You've created a receiving for the product in the Atomix Platform

  4. The product is barcoded (either by your manufacturer or the Atomix team)

  5. You've alerted your Account Manager that you've got a new SKU! You've also provided the following information: the package the product will go out in, a video of how you'd like it packed.

  6. Your Account Manager has created a new packaging SOP based on the information you've provided, and you've signed off on the SOP.

  7. Your Atomix pod has been trained on how to pick and pack the new product.

How long do these steps take? When should I alert you about new product launches?

It's important to alert your Account Manager about launching a new product as soon as possible! The minimum amount of time required for launching a new SKU is 7 business days, but it can take longer. Let's break it down:

  • It takes about 5 days to receive a new shipment of product (longer if you don't follow our guidelines or if there's extra work required).

  • If your product is not barcoded, barcoding the inventory will take extra time.

  • The Atomix team requires 7 business days to create an SOP, and train our team on packing your new item.

Do packaging SKUs count as new items?

Packaging SKUS are considered new items, and the same steps must be taken for new packaging.

If my new SKU is the similar to other SKUs that Atomix is currently shipping for my brand, will this process be faster, and do I still need to follow these steps?

Regardless of how similar your new product is to your existing product, the steps outlined above must be followed, and the same timeline is applicable. Adhering to the processes in place is important for a successful launch of any product.

Can I pay more to expedite this process?

If you'd like to expedite the launch of a new product with Atomix, please reach out to your Account Manager, and they will determine if this is possible.

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