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What orders does Atomix Fulfill?
What orders does Atomix Fulfill?

Atomix pulls in open, unfulfilled, and paid orders.

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When you first integrate your marketplace with the Atomix App, your account manager will need the date and number of the order we will begin fulfillment with.

Sometimes when transitioning from self-fulfillment or another fulfillment center, there will be a backlog of orders that Atomix will fulfill. Providing the correct order number and date to begin your fulfillment is a crucial step of onboarding.

Atomix pulls in ALL orders from your store that are paid, unfulfilled, and open. If an item cannot be fulfilled and is out of stock, it will be fulfilled as soon as new stock is received, regardless of the age of the order.

Please note that if you modify or cancel an order in your store after it has pulled into the Atomix system, those changes will not be reflected in the system. The order must be edited or cancelled in the Atomix app.

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