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Carrier Address Corrections
Carrier Address Corrections
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When a shipment is sent out with missing or incorrectly formatted address fields, most major carriers will use their internal systems to correct the errors they encounter to successfully deliver the package.

The most common address corrections made by carriers are for missing apartment numbers, missing zip codes, for street addresses that are split on to two lines, or for missing building numbers.

For each correction made by a carrier, the carrier will bill the shipper, sometimes up to $25 depending on the service level (express, domestic, etc.), degree of error, and destination of parcel.

To save our clients from these expensive charges and to insure the speedy and successful delivery of packages shipped by Atomix, our custom built app includes a powerful address verification system.

It is possible to override the address verification manually in the however this is not recommended.

The "Manually Verify Address" function exists only in cases where you are certain that your customer's package will be delivered correctly to the address. We strongly advise reviewing the flagged issue with the address (indicated by the small exclamation by the problematic field) and reaching out to your customer to confirm the address and provide missing information.

While it may be tempting, bypassing these checks can lead to costly delivery problems, return to senders ($30 charge per RTS as noted in your contract and in our Returns Guidelines), and expensive address correction charges billed by the carriers.

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