During the Onboarding process, your Account Manager will go over the Atomix Returns process with you.

  • If Atomix is going to handle returns, we will discuss;

    • Re-stocking inventory,

    • Disposing inventory, or

    • Returning items to the merchant.

    • Inspections process and fees.

Processing Returns

  • Returns are a reality of being in the business of eCommerce. We streamlined the process allowing you to process customer returns in two easy steps through the Atomix Platform:

  1. First, you’ll initiate the Warehouse Notification in the Atomix Dashboard (This will notify our team it is heading to us). You’ll do this by:

    1. Selecting the Order Number

    2. Selecting the Items being Returned

    3. Then choose how to handle the customers’ items:

      1. Replace: this will notify our team of the incoming inventory to return to stock or handle based on the client's discretion

  2. Sending Your Customer the Return Label:

    1. If you want, we can send the shipping label directly to your customer based on the items being returned.

      1. Just reach out to your Account Manager via Slack and let them know the Order Number that is being returned

    2. Print your own label

      1. You can use your own labels and just share the tracking number of the label with us when you create the return. If you do use your own labels, ensuring you have the correct tracking number will help us process your returns faster.

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