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Returns Guidelines

These are the guidelines that must be followed in order for Atomix to process returns

Written by Austin Kreinz
Updated over a week ago

During the Onboarding process, your Account Manager will go over the Atomix Returns process with you and create a SOP specific to your brand, with instructions for restocking, and disposing of inventory, and inspections process and fees.

If you haven't already, kindly complete our standard operating procedure form for returns, which is available here.

While your SOP will be unique, Atomix has a standard set of guidelines that all partners must adhere to. Read more about our requirements below!

Submitting Returns

You can submit customer returns in two easy steps through the Atomix Platform:

  1. First, you’ll initiate the Return in the Atomix Dashboard (This will notify our team it is heading to us). You’ll do this by:

    1. Selecting the Order Number

    2. Selecting the Items being Returned

    3. Choose expected outcome of return

    4. Submit tracking info (required if Atomix is not sending return label)

  2. Sending Your Customer the Return Label

    1. Atomix sends customer return label:

      1. All you have to do is check the "Atomix Send Label to Customer" box on the return submission page and your Returns Manager will take care of the rest!

    2. Use your own return label:

      1. If you provide the customer with a return label or they generate their own, it is required that the tracking number is submitted when you create the return.

Returns Timeline

The timeline of your customer's returns depends on several factors. If the return properly created in the Atomix App, it takes five business days from arrival at Atomix to be processed.

If the return is NOT properly submitted in the app and is missing tracking information, it takes 10 business days to process and includes a fee of $30.

For a shipment that is Returned to Sender, for which extra work is required of the CX and Operations teams, there will be an additional charge of $30. The timeline for processing these Return to Senders is five business days.

For "Surprise Returns" (Returns Atomix receives with NO information or return available in the App) it takes 10 business days to process, and includes a fee of $30.

If Atomix receives a return for an order that it did not fulfill, a fee of $10 will be charged, along with an additional $2 for each item included in that return. However, if the volume of such returns is more than one, it will be classified as a hourly Special Project, and the aforementioned per-return fee will still apply in addition to any other applicable charges.

If your product requires more testing or actions from Atomix, your Account Manager will work with you to determine if this adds cost or time to your returns.

Return Status

Returned to Stock & Complete

Additional Cost

Properly Entered in App

5 business days from arrival


Missing Tracking in App

10 business days from arrival


Return to Sender

5 business days from arrival


Surprise Return

10 business days from arrival


Single Return for an order not Shipped by Atomix

10 business days from arrival

$10 + $2 for each additional item

Return for an order not Shipped by Atomix

determined case by case

Hourly Special Project + $10 per return fee (+2 for each additional item)

Additional QA (wiping surfaces, product testing)

determined case by case

case by case

Important Note:

  • If you are integrated with Two Boxes, you are not required to create a return.

  • If you are using Loop for returns, you are required to create a return under the returns section of the Atomix App.

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