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First Time - Accessing The Atomix App
First Time - Accessing The Atomix App

Information on how to access the Atomix App for the first time!

Written by Austin Kreinz
Updated over a week ago

Slack Account IS NOT Setup

At this point if you're not on Slack with Atomix, go back to Step 1 on the Onboarding Checklist

Slack Account IS Setup

If you've recently started with Atomix then welcome! And if you're already live on Slack and have been speaking with your Account Manager then simply shoot them a message that you are ready to move forward with the Onboarding Process,

What happens next?

  1. Slack Message: You'll receive Slack Notification from your Account Manager that your Atomix Platform Account has been created & to check your email inbox.

  2. Check Inbox: Your email address used to setup Slack will receive an email from “Atomix-noreply”

  3. Set Password: Click “Set Password”

    1. Set Password and ensure you follow the provided parameters (Must Include: Upper & Lower Case, a #, and a Special Character)

  4. Access Platform: Now You're Live!

    1. You can always access your Atomix App here -

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