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Lost-in-Transit & Filing Carrier Claims
Lost-in-Transit & Filing Carrier Claims
Written by Austin Kreinz
Updated over a week ago


If you are shipping eCommerce orders there will inevitably be times when there is an issue with one of those orders.

At Atomix, we understand and realize the importance of preventing these issues as much as possible. As such, we have instituted several layers of quality control and system process to ensure shipments are delivered 99.9% of the time.

In those rare occurrences when shipments are not delivered you may be eligible to file a claim.

Filing a Claim

In order for us to file a claim on your behalf, we ask for the following information:

General Requirements

  • Order ID (and basics of “what happened”)

  • Required document(s) below

Type of Claim Requirements

Claim Type

Tracking Requirements

Document Required

Fulfillment Error


  • Picture of order or communication with the end customer

Shipment Lost In Transit

20 days no updates

  • Invoice of Order Shipped or Purchase Order from Supplier Providing Proof of Value

  • Correspondence from the end customer displaying non-receipt of the package

Shipment Damaged


  • Invoice of Order Shipped or Purchase Order from Supplier Providing Proof of Value

  • Picture of the Damaged item (including damage of packaging, if possible).

Post-Filing Claim

Once you file the claim, our team will reach out letting you know it has been received. We will update you on the progress of the claim.

Any amount received will be refunded to your account on the next invoice.

When Can I Submit a Claim?

Below are details on carriers and their policies. If your claim is filed after these dates, it will not be processed.


Latest Date to File

Additional Information


60 Calendar Days

  • FedEx SmartPost: Claims must be filed within 90 days of physical entry into the FedEx network. FedEx. SmartPost is not a guaranteed service and therefore cannot cover claims outside of the FedEx network.


5 Months



60 Calendar Days


Claim Reminders

  • To avoid any delays in processing your claim, please provide all the required information and include photos of the damaged items (if applicable.)

  • Claims can take up to 3 weeks to be processed

  • If a claim is denied, we can appeal by submitting a new claim with new or updated information.

  • If an order is marked as “Delivered” or orders have a final scan, we cannot guarantee the carrier will accept the claim.

Atomix Insurance

Generally, carriers cover shipments up to $100

Add Additional Shipping Insurance:

  1. Learn how by reaching out to your Account Manager and they can go over your options.

  2. Restrictions:

  • Our Insurance Partner, Shipsurance, has restrictions for domestic and international orders.

  • As long as the product is not restricted, Atomix can provide Insurance Coverage.

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