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Connecting your BigCommerce Store

Connect your store to the Atomix App!

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  1. Select BigCommerce to connect in the Atomix App.

  2. A Popup Window Opens in Atomix App to Extensiv Integration Manager. (Learn more about our partner here)

  3. On the New BigCommerce Setup page click the "Grant Us API Access" button.

  4. A new window will open with the BigCommerce log-in screen.

  5. In BigCommerce: You will be taken to the login screen.

    1. Log in and follow the prompt to authorize Integration Manager to act on behalf of your BigCommerce account.

  6. In the Popup Window: return to the Integration Manager window and it will let you know if the authorization was successful. If a new window does not open, please make sure you do not have a pop-up blocker enabled.

  7. Fill out the rest of the setting on the page and click "OK." You can also click "Test" first to verify that everything is correct.

  8. In Atomix App: You should see your store listed under the stores tab.

    1. If that doesn't happen, try refreshing your scree. If you do not see the store, take a screen shot and share with your Onboarding Specialist on Slack.

  9. Success! Let your Onboarding Specialist know you have successfully linked your store.

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