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Can You Fulfill Custom Packaging Orders?
Can You Fulfill Custom Packaging Orders?

Custom packaging creates memorable unboxing experiences

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We know the unboxing experience of the top most importance to great eCommerce brands, subscription box businesses, and sustainable product companies.

Custom packaging is great for.....

  • increasing brand awareness

  • amplify the unboxing enjoyment

  • more sustainable packaging

  • improve brand value

  • enhance customer experience

At Atomix, performing custom packaging options, with high-touch kitting projects, is one of our core services.

A kitting project is what we call the preparation, packaging, and delivery of an eCommerce product. This is different than the standard pick and pack process. It can include a combination of specific boxing, packaging and wrapping requirements, any inserts (stickers, postcards). A kitting project is your product's personal game plan for custom packaging.

We are able to do anything from sending your products in a personal branded poly mailer, to branded boxes, tissue paper and stickers. Anything you may need, we got your back.

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