Micro-Pods (or warehouse-within-a-warehouse)

The Micro-Pod Model is a modular warehouse space within a fulfillment center that is managed by a technology platform and fully integrates the end-to-end order fulfillment process.

In layman’s terms, a brand receives more control and high-touch customer support, which is executed through instant communication via slack. The Pod Managers are further supported by Customer Success Managers to handle technology and account-related support. The Micro-Pod Model is purpose-built to increase productivity and profitability.

Within the Pods, the technology platform allocates inventory based on provided data and further manages fluctuating demand based on historical order volume velocity.

For example, the highest moving SKUs are positioned within the Pods closer to the pack station. This helps eliminate the most inefficient function of a traditional warehouse — the order picking process. In other words, a-warehouse-within-a-warehouse.

In short, The Micro-Pod Model is purpose-built for independent brands and designed to help increase their productivity and profitability by eliminating complex processes and capital-intensive operations. Check out what our founder and CEO has to say on micro-pods here.

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