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The Unboxing Experience and High-Touch Products
The Unboxing Experience and High-Touch Products

I have a high-touch product, how does that work?

Written by Austin Kreinz
Updated over a week ago

The unboxing experience is a fundamental part of top eCommerce brands, subscription box businesses, and sustainable product companies.

At Atomix, performing high-touch kitting projects is a core capability and service.

A kitting project is a technical phrase for the preparation, packaging, and delivery of an eCommerce product. This is different than the standard pick and pack process.

For example, a scaling startup we work with requires

  • specific packaging

  • a specific wrapping procedure

  • additional interests based on the customers' name


As you can imagine, while some similarities exist, each brand has specific requirements for how its product is packaged and delivered.

In order to perform and prepare a consistent unboxing experience for our clients, we consult with each brand individually to customize the workflows.

After we determine the appropriate workflows, we finalize an agreement that outlines the process and pricing determined by our Account Management and Warehouse Team.

A Special Project can be performed and requested with our form here, or we can schedule a consultation at any time.



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